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June 09, 2017


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Published Writing

Online Writing

  • Dinosaur Valley Girls B-Movie Review
    My first online review.
  • The Swarm B-Movie Review
    My second (and last) review for Bad Movies [dot] Org. I get tired just thinking about how much work I put into writing this review. Who would have thought that watching a badly made movie and then making a list of "some" of its more obvious mistakes would turn out to be so much work?
  • Scifilm Review: JAWS 3 (1983)
    I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this particular review for Scifilm.org was used as a reference on Wikipedia! I impress easy, I guess. :)
  • B-Movies Quarterly Magazine
    Issue 5 (which was the final one, sad to say) contains my article "Kingdom Builders: The Making of Kingdom of the Spiders."
    Where you can read my book review column.

Chad's bookshelf: currently-reading

SEX MACHINE Eroticizing the Mechanical
3 of 5 stars true
tagged: books-i-am-in, currently-reading, m-christian, and erotica
Heretics of Dune
3 of 5 stars true
tagged: currently-reading, dune, and science-fiction
Showcase Presents: Ghosts
0 of 5 stars true
tagged: currently-reading and graphic-novel
Tactics of Mistake
0 of 5 stars true
tagged: currently-reading and science-fiction


2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Chadwick has read 5 books toward his goal of 64 books.

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2015 Reading Challenge
Chadwick has read 0 books toward his goal of 70 books.

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2014 Reading Challenge
Chadwick has read 0 books toward his goal of 75 books.

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Chad has read 0 books toward his goal of 58 books.

Listen to the CBS Radio Mystery Theater

  • CBS Radio Mystery Theater
    Listen to any and all episodes of this classic radio series, before or after I review them on this blog!
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